Medochemie Ltd. Platinum Sponsor of The National Congress of Psychiatry in Bulgaria

Medochemie Ltd. was a Platinum Sponsor of The National Congress of Psychiatry, which took place last weekend in Varna, Bulgaria. It was the first time that Medochemie has been a main sponsor of a congress of such magnitude outside of Cyprus. The congress was attended by 220 out of 270 of all psychiatrists in Bulgaria. Medochemie’s stand with all its materials and games attracted the largest number of visitors. Medochemie organized as well a very impressive symposium named “The Art In Psychiatry” including a very strong and positive discussion with all participants. Ones of the best and most well-known psychiatrists in Bulgaria were invited to be lecturers in the symposium: Prof. Vihra Milanova – National Consultant in Psychiatry; Asst. prof. Hristo Kozhuharov – The Chairman of the Bulgarian Psychiatry Association; Prof. Valentin Akabaliev – Head of The Psychiatric Clinic, Medical University, Plovdiv; Asst. prof. Georgi Panov – Head of The Psychiatric Clinic, Medical University, Stara Zagora. Prof. Kiriakus Veresies from Cyprus was also among the lecturers of the symposium. More than 20 professors from the auditory gave very positive feedback about Medochemie products and expressed their gratitude to the company for giving them the opportunity to treat their patients with long-desired and expected by them drugs. On the top of the main event Medochemie offered to the guests a special Dinner entertainment program involving the world renowned game “Who wants to be a millionaire”, presented by one of the most famous Bulgarian TV presenters. The evening gala ended with a popular Bulgarian singer - Margarita Hranova , who made a great show. In the end all participants were very excited and greatly impressed by all Medochemie activities. They signified that Medochemie event was the most successful they have ever attend.